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Ανώτατο Δικαστήριο


Mr. Antonis R. Liatsos


President since:  2013


Justice of the supreme court since: : 15 July 2022


Career before being justice of the Supreme Court:

Mr Liatsos was born in Nicosia in 1960. He studied Law at the Law School of Athens University, and practiced law at the Kyriacos Michaelides Law Office, for eight years. He was appointed District Judge in 1991, promoted to Senior District Judge in 2000 and then President of District Court in 2004. He acted as President of the Larnaca Permanent Assize Court and as the Administrative President of the Nicosia/Kyrenia District Courts. He is, since September 2013, Justice of the Supreme Court of Cyprus. In 2010 he was elected as President of the Cyprus Judges Association and served this position until his appointment as Justice of the Supreme Court. As of his appointment as a Justice of the Supreme Court, thus far, he presided over the Permanent, Civil and Criminal Court of Appeal, as well as the Full Bench Court of Appeal and, in some cases, over the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court. Mr Liatsos is a member of the Council of the School of Judges, of the Reform Committee, of the Court of Conciliation, and Arbitration of the OSCE, and ad hoc Judge at the European Court of Human Rights. As a representative of the Judiciary, he was a member of the Reformatory Policy Committee, and as a member of the Delegation of the Republic of Cyprus, he attended for many years, at the United Nations´ offices in Vienna, the programme of the United Nations Committee for the Prevention of Crime and Criminal Justice.